Were all on this journey and holy moly what a journey it has been so far. Beauty is consistently around us, working its magic of connecting the vibrations that make up this crazy universe. Bringing souls together in communal ways to hold the every so often ceremonies that practice the respect of humanity, nature, our mother earth and love. I love love love getting my feetsy's dirty in thee mud and dirt. Farming, gardening and learning more about our mother earth is what gets me through the hard days of social justice ally ship. Holistic well being and the herbs of the Evergreen forest in which i live gives me the rejuvenating health to continue loving and exploring everything around me. And most important to me, my spirituality, From the teachings of Buddha, to the respecting of Krishna, to the love for Christ and God, to the ceremonial ways of the pagans, I respect it all, and have made the decision to make it all part of my life. Namaste. Much love and light to you all on your safe journeys.